Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gotta love FALL!!

We have 5 HUGE trees in the back yard...so fall means LEAVES!...falling...and raking and playing in!!!!
Whitney, Macee (thinking it's still summer!), and Scotty in the background
Rachel taking a nap
Rachel attacking!
Scotty and Macee
Jake relaxing in the 85 degree temps!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rachel's Homecoming dance

The dance was held outside at the Roy City Center lawn but it started to sprinkle so it was moved to the high school. Rachel said it was still a fun time!

Rachel and her friend Geoff went to the zoo....Hogle Zoo in SLC has the cutest baby animals right now. The cutest is the baby elephant!

Fun fall happenings...

Mark, Jacob, Scotty, Macee, & I went for a drive through Trapper's Loop. It goes from Weber Canyon over to Huntsville, then back down Ogden Canyon. What a beautiful drive. Fun to see a bright RED tree here and there. We stopped at a hiking area and had a little picnic.
The girls were not with us this time. They had made other plans with a friend. Too bad...their loss! We will have to take another drive up to Silver Lake soon. The aspens have already turned golden I'm sure!

The sun was slowly going down...I didn't get any good pictures of the fall colors...I will try again later...

I took Scotty & Macee to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden for a while. Macee is kinda scared of them but she still wanted to go. They have a really fun playground there! The museum is really neat too

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New York! AGAIN!!!!

This time is was just Mark and I strolling the strees of NYC together! It was a great 3 full days. Our legs ached but our bellies were full! Can't wait to visit again!
Mark with our new friend Zoltan from Hungary
Great pizza place in Harlem
Rex...American Museum of Natural History
dum-dum..me want gum-gum!
Wax museum fun

Shrek the musical was hilarous! Awesome sets and costumes....super funny!

Molly & Mark----new Citi field.. NY Mets game

Mark in Times Square
Molly & Mark in Little Italy

Castle Clinton---Battery Park NYC

view from atop the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty

view of lower Manhattan...aka financial district
Battery park...memorial from 9-11

Union Square...

Mark at Grand Central Station

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st day of school!

WOW! This is really an epic year for me & my kids in school........

Rachel is a senior in high school... Jacob is a sophmore in high school (first year in hs since 9th grade is still at the jr. high)

Whitney-7th grade..first year at jr. high

Scotty-3rd grade...going to a new elementary school because of boundary changes. Now he's a Midland Panther!

And last but not least...MACEE...first day of kindergarten!!!