Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cub Scout-Pinewood Derby 2010!

The new BSU car and truck and a few of the old ones

Every year Mark gets excited for the Pinewood Derby. Oh yeah..Scotty too. Mark likes to make a car and/or truck for himself as well. This year he went with the great logo of BOISE STATE. (SINCE THEY ARE #1!!!!) He made himself a BSU truck and Scotty's car (Mark cut out, Scotty painted..most of it)

Mark raced a few of his cars from years back because they needed to fill all the tracks. They raced well too. Scotty's "Blue & Orange Bronco" got 2nd place overall. He was happy.

Glad it's over...time to clean the garage again..sweep up the sawdust, put away the paints and save the rest of the tube of graphite for next year!