Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Trek!

example of young people pushing and pulling a handcart

July 8-12th Rachel & Jacob were able to participate with our ward on a Pioneer trek in Wyoming. We didn't think Rachel would go because of her foot and the fact that she is still relying on crutches. BUT she wanted to do it so we let her go. They had a great experience and learned a lot about what is must have been like to be a pioneer crossing the plains with a handcart. One day they walked 17+ miles! I sent the camera with Rachel but she forgot she even had it so I don't have any pictures yet. A gal from the ward took about a thousand pics so I will get them from her soon. I'm glad they got to was a great opportunity.

Sweetwater rescue monument site

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Molly at Girl's camp!

Well, this year I was asked to be the camp leader for the young women in our ward. We usually have close to 30 girls that go but this year we had 16. Our youth participated in a Pioneer trek in Wyoming the week before so a lot were too tired to go camping again. We camped at "Camp Zarahemla" in Liberty, Utah. It is a quiet, beautiful place close to the mountains. We had a lot of fun! Whitney and Jacob helped with the kids while Rachel and I were at camp for 4 days. I am really beat but it was worth it. We ALL had a great time.

You can tell I've been camping for 4 days....I look hideous! (bottom left)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Independence day!

We had a fun weekend! Mark's brother McKay brought his family over for a few days including their new 2 week old baby Rhyan. She is soooo adorable! Saturday Mark took Scotty and McKay took Morgan to Preston, ID to watch their cousin McKade in his motorcycle race. He got 2nd place overall! GREAT JOB Kado!! Then they went out to Matt's (see previous post about the country) in Dayton and got to ride some horses and then had a barbque. I opted to stay here with Andrea and the baby. :-) The other kids had activities going on as well.

McKade Johnson

Rachel holding Rhyan

Lagoon with cousins

Katie & Adam

On Saturday the 28th of June we went with Alli and her family to Lagoon. It was Adam's 2nd birthday and his first time at Lagoon! He had a great time. It was crowded and HOT but we all had fun! Kids don't really care about the heat or long lines!

Macee, Adam, & Katie

Macee & Adam

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what a bunch of "red-necks" kids are red necks! We got a new garbage can and Whitney got the idea from some of Rachel's friends to fill it up with water and take a bath in it! What fun, eh!