Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SWEET 16!!

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to Rachel!!!

I took her shopping in Salt Lake. She wanted to go to Fashion Place mall...and we went to Steve & Barry's. We didn't have time for the Gateway so she will go next week for more shopping! She had to work for a few hours then Mark took her to Outback Steak house for her 1st official date!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

ANGELS in the outfield

This year Scotty is playing "coach-pitch" baseball. His team is the ANGELS. Mark is helping coach. Scotty's favorite part is batting. He's a pretty good hitter too! We will be busy with a game every Tuesday and Thursday night in June!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the BLAZE!

Scotty got FREE tix (from school) to the BLAZE arena football game in SLC for Saturday night. He was so excited to go. Mark took Scotty, Rachel and her friend. Whit and Jake didn't really care to go and we just had 4 tickets anyway. Mark heard that they were passing out free t-shirts if you flash your Discover card. So he was asking around and a guy said they are done passing them out. Mark said to him, "oh man, I wanted to get one for my son." The guy looked at Scotty and said, "here, take mine" as he took his off and handed it to him! That was really nice of him!!! even if it is a XL! ! !

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday MOLLY-May 9th

Mark said "aren't you gonna do a post about your birthday?" I said "no"....

Well, I am's a few old pics....enjoy!

MOLLY--almost 3 years old

this is my 2nd grade class...can you find me??

my lovely dance costume....May 1981

Me and my best friend Kat being CRAZY!! much hair spray was that?!!!!

Awesome 4-some! EFY 89

Molly, Amy, Ann, & Kat

this one is a little better...except I got a sunburn on my face the day before :-)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Destination VERNAL! Woo hoo!

Well, Mark had to do a few vendor shows for Jones Paint & Glass so I decided to go with. I know there is not a lot to do out there but I thought it would be fun. We got some books on CD to listen to on the way. We listened to a few Louis L'Amour that kept us entertained. It's really not THAT a 4 hour drive.

Mark with a few items from L.J. Smith Stair

The next day Mark and I went to the Vernal Temple, which is such a neat little temple. It used to be the tabernacle (built 1907) and it was converted over to a temple and dedicated in 1997. Love it!

Vernal, Utah---May 8, 2008

Then we went for a drive before the second show in Roosevelt. We just stared driving...not really knowing where we were headed. Well, actually we knew it was north toward the Uintahs but that's about it. We noticed the scenery changing from sage brush to pines. It was a beautiful area....we found a little spot to park down by the river to get a few pictures. Mark wished he'd brought his fly pole! We found a perfect spot for fishing. The sign said Uintah Canyon.

Then on the way home from Roosevelt, there was a slight change in directions. You see at Duchesne there was a state trooper blocking highway 40 saying that a semi overturned and spilled oil all over the highway and that it would be about 15 hours before it opened up. No biggie....we just turned back to Duchesne and took highway 191 through a great scenic route to the highway 6 junction, from there through Spanish Fork canyon and then to I-15. Mile wise, it was about 60 miles off our route but we made good time. Probably because we were on the freeway for the last part. So on the scenic route we saw some old log cabin type structures and one we saw was like and old ranch. We had to stop and take some pics...It was so neat!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seven Wonders!

Well, not a lot has been going on so I thought I'd post this neat video that someone made. My mom e-mailed it to me while back. It's pretty neat. What do you think??