Friday, September 26, 2008

Trapper's Loop

Whitney & Macee

The other night we took a drive up Weber canyon, through Trapper's loop, then back down Ogden canyon. It was really pretty...but a bit dull this year compared to some years. Kids had fun running around the trail. Whitney kinda took over the camera as she always does.

Whitney's pic

Scotty & Whitney

Scotty & Whitney (Scotty was being an Indian hunting in the grass)
Wheeler Creek--Whitney hiding by the tree

Monday, September 22, 2008

Whitney's pix

Whitney has been taking some really good's a few of them...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Williams Family Reunion

Well, we had this reunion about a month ago but I just got the pics into my computer so now I'll share. We had a great time visiting. We usually have the reunion when J.D. and Gina come from New York and now Brenda and Rick are in Colorado so we have to plan a time when we can all be together. Mom and Dad will be going on a mission soon so we might not all be together again for a few years.

Dad and Mom Williams

3 cute cousins all dressed up!
Camille, Katie & Macee

J.D. doing his filming...

Mom and Dad looking at each other laughing and
thinking "wow...look what we've done!"
13 grandchildren SO FAR

Allison, J.D., MOM,
DAD, Brenda, & Molly
August 2008

Rachel's homecoming dance

Rachel decided it would be cheaper if I made dinner for her and 5 we did that and they took dinner up to the view point picnic site in Layton. All was great she said except for the Cub scout meeting going on and some obnoxious skateboarder. Oh is a public place after all. She said the dance was ok...

Rachel & Paige

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School!!!

Wow! August seemed to fly by...actually the whole summer did! FINALLY...the kids are back to school!

Rachel--Junior year
Jacob-freshman year
Whitney-6th grade

Scotty-2nd grade