Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jacob's senior pix

Here are a few of Jake's senior pictures.  A friend of his took these for me.  I thought they were really good... and apparently so did the Walmart photo gal because she asked me if they had a copy write!  

Thanks KIM for taking the pix!

Easter 2012

What a beautiful sunny Easter Morning!
 After Church we went to Logan for dinner with Mom and Dad.  Gram told the kids an Easter story then and egg hunt.  It was a fun day.

two front teeth!

Macee has been waiting FOREVER to lose her top teeth.  Finally one came out...then a few days later, the other!  So cute!

Whit's 15th

It's been too long since I have posted.  I will try and update more regularly!

Whitney had a birthday in March...she is now 15!  She prolly didn't want me to add that last picture because it was morning but oh well.  haha   Among her list of things she wanted for her birthday was her driving permit.  It is now May and she still doesn't have it. (not because I won't take her to get it but she says she wants to "study" more for the test.