Saturday, November 5, 2011

fun before the snow!

Glad we went to the park a few times before this November snow!

creepy tree at Hooper park
first snow of the season!  November 5th

Macee with friends

Halloween and such

pumpkin goo

We went to a fun "Pumpkin Walk" in Syracuse-the town to the south of us.  They must have had 1000 carved pumpkins!  Quite a sight to see!  Macee especially liked the "Jessie" one since that is what she dressed as for Halloween this year.

gotta love Justin!
this was a really great display of military and patriotic pumpkins.  Amazing!

Scotty stealing all my hot chocolate

Macee was "Belle" for a Halloween party the day before

Jessie!  her favorite!

Jacob the "Ninja"
Whitney was kinda sick for Halloween but she wanted this mask.  creepy, huh