Friday, March 11, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011..oops

Well, I was at meeting with Whitney and Mark didn't bring the camera so we don't have any pics of the actual derby...Dang! But here is a pic of Scotty with his 3rd place ribbon!  Ya...the boy who got second is Scotty's good friend and neighbor...Mark cut out his car for him!  The boy who won had a "kit" car....ya ya...

Macee with her Jeep

Happy 14th Birthday WHITNEY!!

Whitney wanted to eat GIANT Subs for dinner and she didn't want a cake so we made Boston Cream Pies.  Saturday we went to SLC to the planetarium and then the Gateway....the girls had lots of fun!

this one is kinda blurry...the feast

"the pigs" in front of some restaurant in SLC
Whitney & Hanna-Harry Potter section of planetarium gift shop!

Hanna, Lexi, & Whitney--outdoor fireplace at Trolley Square
 Whitney's hair is blue in case you didn't notice....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Scotty's race car
Well, it is that time of year week will be the 2011 Pinewood Derby for the cub scouts.  This will be Scotty's last year.  Scotty and Mark made his car, then of course Mark made one for him then Macee wanted one....we have several now.  Here's a preview of the cars....more pictures of the Derby will come March 9th.

Mark's jeep

Macee's jeep

all of the cars, trucks, & jeeps over the years...minus a few