Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jacob's 16th Birthday!!

Mark forgot to bring the camera for the first pary of the party so we didn't get a pic of Jake blowing out candles.....first they all went to the Boy Scout rope course where they did some activities and a zip line then they ate pizza and cupcakes then they went to the planetarium at the University, then to the pool at the Univeristy for a quick swim, then back to Roy to our house for ice cream cones, then finally off to the movies to see Jake's favorite: How to Train Your Dragon!  What a day!  lots of fun but Mark and I are exhausted!!

at the movies!!!!  all 11 of us!!

Happy 6th Birthday MACEE!

I don't think she was ready for me to take that :)
Her "pillow pet" puppy
Macee's new doll "Sierra"

busy coloring... and blowing balloons
Scotty & Macee
her Dollie & Me matching pajamas
"zoom zoom" pets... as she calls them

Mark & Jake--Wind River Range, Wyoming!

Mark & Jake went with the Venture Scouts on a backpacking trip to theWind River Range in Wyoming.  They camped at Shadow Lake and hiked up to 11,000+ feet ranges.  Mark said there were lakes everywhere with lots of fish as well!  Jake said it was hard at first...the altitude can get to you.  They all had a great time though.  What a good experience.
Matt, Mark
Alex, Thomas, Skler, & Jake

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more Williams family reunion pix

Gina with Kathleen, Mark, & Alli
Megan, Dad (Dickson), Whitney
Mom (Janice) testing Phil's potatoes...mmmm
Grandpa with baby Christine
J.D. attempting to hold all three 9 year olds at the same time
Josh, Scotty, & Karsen
Megan sharing her favorite story about Jesus
Aren't we silly!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Williams Family Reunion-August 2010

Mollly & Mark, Gina & J.D., Dad & Mom, Rick & Brenda,
Philip & Allison--Logan Temple August 7, 2010
J.D. Brenda, Dad, Mom, Alli, & Molly
Macee, Katie & Camille
Whitney & Megan
J.D. & Christine
sandbox fun
Rick, Macee, & Brenda

I couldn't upload all my photos...takes too long so I will get them on a cd or something.

Whitney's FUN in Colorado

Whit got to spend a few weeks in Colorado with Rick & Brenda.  Nice break for her and us! :)
Rockie's Game
Garden of the Gods

Whitney's fave place to shop..The Orchard