Friday, August 5, 2011


I took Rachel & Whitney to Southern California so they could go to an Owl City concert.  Yes, I am crazy!  What a long hot drive!  I just wanted to go to the beach!

Newport Beach

Corona Del Mar beach

Corona Del Mar

Huntington Beach!!

Pioneer TREK!--2011

     Mark and I were fortunate enough to go on a Pioneer Trek with our Stake this summer.  Roy South Stake took just over 200 young men, young women, and leaders.  Jacob and Whitney went as well.  It was really an amazing experience to actually walk where the pioneers did.  My 4th great grandmother, Kiersten Erickson Benson, was a hand-cart pioneer.  It was amazing and inspiring to walk where she did. Such a stong spirit resides in those very places.
     We went to Martin's and Dan Jones' coves, Sweetwater River,  6th crossing area, and Rock Creek Hollow(Wyoming).  We had rain, wind, thunder, lightning, was a good experience and we would do it again!

I know...Whitney looks so thrilled...actually later she had a good time!

Statue of a rescuer at the Sweetwater river

Whitney having fun with friends in the cold cold river

Jacob square dancing with Venessa

Molly & Mark-July 2011

Idaho-Nicole's wedding

We went to Idaho for a visit and for Nicole's wedding.   We also took a tour of  the Old Idaho Penitentiary.  It was pretty amazing and brutal!  Fun times!!!

view from inside the "solitary" cell

skyping Grandma Johnson from the wedding!

Travis and cousin Nicole

Macee and cousins feeding Matt's horse