Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Mark and I were fortunate enough to go on a cruise for our 20th anniversary.  We went from Miami to the Bahamas.  The ship sailed at 5pm and all night we sailed; then we arrived at Coco Cay ( a small island owned by Royal Caribbean)...we stayed all day and sunned and swam and burned!  We rented a kayak for a while and that was fun!   It is such a beautiful place...the water is so blue!  It's amazing!  Then we sailed all night again and in the morning we were at Nassau.  It also is a beautiful place.  We took a sailboat/snorkeling excursion out in the ocean.  It was awesome!  Our ship is an older one but still seemd HUGE to us.  It was fun to explore or just sit by the pool and eat as many ice-cream cones as we wanted!
Then we sailed all night and arrived back in Miami.  It was too short!  We would have loved to see so much more!  But glad we had a chance to see that small corner of paradise in the world!

little lighthouse at Nassau

egg hunt with cousins

Scotty, Morgan, Emmie, Macee & Rhyan

kids having fun on Trampoline!



Macee's field trip

Macee's first grade class took a field trip to the Dinosaur Park and the Treehouse Museum, both in Ogden. It was a fun day!

crazy Whitney!

So Whit comes home from school one day and says...: Mom, Mom, you have to take me to to this big pond so I can run through the water!"  It had been raining for days now and we have lots of flooded parks, etc.  The area she wanted to go to was actually gated because it was next to the train tracks.  So I reminded her about our park down the road. It always has big ponds from flooding and lots of rain.  So I drove her there so she could "frolik" as she says through the puddles.  It was about 47 degrees....ya..pretty cold to be jumpin in puddles!

she even talked a friend into going!

Ding & Dang Canyons

Scotty got to go with Mark and the scouts on a camping/canyon climbing trip to Ding & Dang canyons. (out by Moab area)  They had a lot of fun!!  It happen to be on Mark's birthday and he thought that was a great present!

Scotty was pretty exhausted by then end of the trip!