Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rachel & Geoff "Hippies"

For the Roy High Sadie's dance, Rachel & Geoff went as "hippies". They had a day activity carvin pumps, making carmel apples, and a big bon fire. They had a great time at the dance.

Carvin pumps...

Halloween is soon carving pumpkins....Rachel just watched since she has to do one later for her Sadie's dance.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My famous journalist daughter!

Rachel had her first article published in our Ogden's Standard Examiner this past week. She is a writer for the TX staff. This is the "Teen Examiner" section of the newspaper. She writes reviews for new CDs, bands, concerts and venues. She loves it...she's a natural born writer. She does really well. We are excited for her future in journalism! The website for the paper is

I can seem to find a link to the TX but I will try and get a link to her article.

JACOB--Braces FREE!!!

Jacob got his braces off on Tuesday...He has only had them about 18 months. Whitney has had hers about a year longer! She wasn't too happy that he got them off before her. She will be due to get hers off around Christmas. It's funny..after they get their braces off, the Orthodontist gives them a balloon bouquet and a HUGE bag of candy! What a crazy guy!
Jacob's retainer has a picture of "Captain Jack Sparrow" Jacob's favorite pirate!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Silver Lake in October!

Usually there isn't a whole lot of snow at Silver Lake yet but we had a BIG storm a few days ago and there is plenty of snow to play in. As we drove up the canyon, the temperature dropped from 65 to 42! Glad we brought the hot chocolate!
*Rachel wasn't with us at Silver Lake. She was attending "U" night at the University of Utah in SLC. It was a fun time for her to get a campus tour and see what she thinks of the college.*
around the lake in the shady side! Lots of snow!

Beautiful 2

Scotty getting warm on the rock!


The kids were out of school for "fall break". Mark took the day off so we went to Lagoon for a while. Frightmares!!!