Monday, April 28, 2008

Downata Hot Springs

This past weekend Mark took the boys to the Father & Sons outing. They went to Downata hot springs outside of Downey, Idaho. Mark called and said it was freezing! He really meant it! The temps were in the 20's (at night) and then super windy too. Luckily they got to sleep in a camper. Saturday they had breakfast then swam in the "hot" pools and slides. Scotty said to Mark, "Dad, this is the best day ever!" Guess he forgot about Christmas or Lagoon, or his birthday! I'm just glad they all had fun! Of course Mark didn't take any pictures. (That's usually a MOM thing)


Mark and I thought we'd take advantage of the FREE train rides and check out the FrontRunner commuter rail train! We rode from our Roy station to SLC and then back.. It took almost 2 hours! But it was fun. Macee thought it was great to wave at all the folks on the ground. Maybe we'll take the whole family soon to the Gateway downtown SLC!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

too many carrots while pregnant?

I took Ray to the foot doctor yesterday. We always knew she had FLAT feet but never really did anything about it. She's always been bothered by her feet, ankles, knees, especially after activity. So we finally got an answer. FOOT SURGERY it is. Well, actually foot surgeries! The doc said it would be in her best interest to reconstruct both feet. He can make them "normal" with a real arch and everything! I always teased her about her "rabbit" feet. Even when she was born she came out and Mark said, "Whoa! look at those feet!" But since we love her SO SO much we will go ahead and get her the surgeries and spend the whole summer being her personal slaves as she is laid up. Way to go RAY!

nice black toe nail polish Ray

Ray's reaction to hearing she needs surgery!!!

sorta like Hobbit feet?!!! Just without the hair!!!!


Yes, my DH is 40 years old!!!! wow, how time flies!

Mark's 20th birthday (while on his misson in England)

Mark (Poser!) June 1990

Mark with Rachel -August 1992

Mark's 40th birthday! still looking great!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


we'll miss you!!

Well, Saturday was a very sad day for the Johnson family. Our cute little puppy Chowder somehow escaped the backyard and ventured out to the road and was hit by a truck. His injuries were extreme and he didn't make it. The kids are quite devastated. He was almost 8 months old. We've only had him 5 months. We will miss him a lot!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whitney as Helen Keller

For Whit's 5th grade class, all the students were assigned a person from history. They had to research this person, do a written and oral report, and then dress up and "be" that person for her schools "Living History Museum". Whitney was Helen Keller. We had a lot of fun doing the research and reading about her. Also Disney re-made "The Miracle Worker" movie and it was really good to watch and see how she learned to communicate. Whitney dressed as the young Helen Keller for the presentation. All the kids did a great job. It was fun to see Sacajawea, Jackie Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, Francis Scott Key, and many others. The kids also did a song presentation about America and the 50 states. At the end they sang "I'm proud to be an American". What a fitting song for the end. I was brought to tears. I love our country and I thought it was great how the school was so involved in teaching about the great USA.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

August Rush

Last night Rachel was bored so I said "let's watch a movie". Her friend Hayden said August Rush was his favorite movie so we decided to watch that. WOW! This movie is so incredible. It was by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. ...and NO, it isn't a chik flik!!! Go rent it today and see for yourself!!!

HI everyone!

This is my first I've become a blogger. I thought this would be good for us. I've got to learn how to get all the cute backgrounds and stuff! Our family pix (above) was taken on Easter March 23, 2008. ALSO that was the 17th anniversary of Mark & I!!!! Wow, can't believe it's been 17 years!