Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rachel's 2nd Foot Surgery

Rachel had her left foot reconstructed on Friday Dec. 19th. ALSO the doc took the "hardware" out of the right foot which included 3 large screws. She is doing really well but I think she is getting bored on the couch! She gets around with crutches okay but not outside too much! We have too much snow and ice! For now she has a big cast/wrap around her foot. She will get the removable boot on in another week. Then hopefully she will be ready to go back to school. But she is suppose to have no weight on her left foot for 8 weeks! She will be slow going but hopefully it's a good reason for all the cute guys to help her and carry her books to class for her!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, the kids have begged long enough Mark said. It was last April when our Shihtzu puppy died and the kids have been asking for another dog ever since. We weren't sure if we wanted to get another puppy and go through all the training again. SO we happend to find a dog on KSL website and he is a 4 year old Shihtzu. We went and met him and the kids loved him. So we brought him home. At first he would only go to Whitney but now he is friendly and likes us all. The kids are happy. I hope Mark and I can handle another dog.

He's a Shihtzu so some people think they are ugly but we think he's really cute! And Yes, he's a boy; his name is Tucker but Whitney insists on putting a bow in his hair!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yellow belt!

Scotty has graduated in Karate to a yellow belt! He has been taking a Karate class since October and has really improved. He passed the test to receive a yellow belt. His instructor told us something interesting yesterday. He said that it's only been about 50 years since your skills were ranked by the color of your belt. Before that, there were 2 colors of belts...White and dirty! He said that people knew how good you were or how long you've been studying karate by how dirty your belt was! Congrats SCOTTY!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lights at Temple Square

Mark's parents were in town for the weekend so we decided to go downtown SLC to see the Christmas lights and displays on Temple Square. What a nightmare! Well, the parking and crowds anyway...the lights and atmosphere were wonderful!

Mark's brother McKay and and his wife Andrea and their kids came along as well.

Scotty's Baptism day

Saturday Scotty was baptized. We had family and friends over to celebrate this wonderful day!

Scotty with his new set of scriptures.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Whitney's Tamarack pictures

Whitney likes the outdoors and taking pictures of everything she sees...

she took a bunch more but I can't seem to upload them all....

Thanksgiving in Tamarack, ID

Wow, what a beautiful place!...not much snow yet though. We spent a great weekend in Tamarack, Idaho for Thanksgiving. Of course Whitney got some great pics of the scenery!


Scotty trying to hit Whit with a snowball!

Macee does not like pictures!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whitney's photography...

Whit is becoming obsessed with taking pictures of flowers and whatever else she can find outside.....She takes really good pictures too! Here's a few of them...

This is actually a very small mini-rose tree but the angle Whit took the pic makes it look BIG.

Amazing blooms for November....

and still a few bright yellows too....

Happy 8th Birthday Scotty!

WOW! Another child turns 8! We had a fun day with Scotty's least he did. I was worn out!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Farmington Canyon

Mark took his buddy Scott 4 wheelin Saturday up and into Farmington Canyon. They definitely ran into snow! He said it was great!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Our ward did a "trunk-or-treat". Kids played games then got candy...Then they ventured out into the neighborhood to see how much more goods they could get!Whitney and her friends Morgan and Wylee

Jacob as scarecrow and his friend Nathan as Joker

Macee by her friend's "Troy" poster

Rachel...20's flapper girl

Scotty as joker

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good vs. Evil

Rachel took her friend Kyle to the Sadie Hawkins dance last night. The theme was "good vs. evil". Rachel decided to go as Cruella DeVille and Kyle, a dalmatian. (We couldn't get him to wear the face make-up or the ears) They still look great...don't ya think??!

Earlier that day, Mark took Ray and Kyle up to Mantua to go 4 wheelin. Kyle had never been before. Ray got a bit cocky and took a jump and got "bucked off" the wheeler. She's okay, just scraped her back side and bruised up a bit. Other than that little mishap, they had a great time!

Blacksmith Fork Canyon, UTAH

Mark took Friday off work so we could go bustin' on the 4s. I haven't had a chance to go this year and I really wanted to go. Macee went over and played with her cousins in Nibley so we could ride. I thought the first few miles my fingers would fall off! They were numb with cold! Then we got out of the trees and into the sun and warmed up a bit. We road about 40 miles total. It was a fun ride but we did hit some pretty rocky areas so I'm bruised up a bit and sore muscles. A few weeks before it might have been prettier with the leaves but there were a few trees still with leaves on them. It was still really beautiful and peaceful up there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Wow..the weather man said it would snow but we didn't expect a foot!!

Scotty & Macee's snowman.....

my poor petunia trying to stay alive!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Canyon Hike

Mark and I went on a "date" yesterday evening and went for a hike. There are trail after trail in the hills above Layton/South Weber area. We found a good one that crossed a river well more like a stream, and we took a few pics. The autumn colors aren't very bright this year...there is mostly scrub oak anyway. It was still beautiful...