Sunday, July 18, 2010

Benson Grist Mill

What a fun place to go and visit.  It's been a while since we went to the Benson Grist Mill and Tooele.  Whitney is a litte (A LOT) nostalgic when it comes to Tooele.  So when we went to Stansbury to McKay & Andrea's we had to drive by the old house and of course...go to the Mill.

Camping?? HA!

Kids wanted to go camping so we loaded the suburban as full as it can get and headed up Ogden Canyon.  Of course all campgrounds were FULL so we kept trucking up till we reached Monte Cristo area.  We found a cozy little area to camp....very primitave but at least a fire pit to cook dinner.  So we set up camp and started dinner....While setting up we noticed an enormously HUGE amount of flies about.  So many that after dinner we had over a hundred in our tents....Kids were freaking and I can't say that I would like to share a tent with a billion flies either.  So we packed up and headed back home!  At least My hobo dinner was excellent!!  MMMM!

I don't know if you can see all the flies but believe me...they were a plenty!  biting ones too!!!

Horse & Hitch parade! Nashville Tribute Band Concert!

Last week we went downtown Ogden to see an awesome concert and also the horse & hitch parade!  Kids thought that was great!  The Nashville Tribute Band is so good.  We love the TREK and JOSEPH cds.  Can't wait for the new Missionary one next year!

My pix of the concert are crappy so go to...
They have an awesome website to hear songs and see pix!