Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pirate Festival!-Ninjas!

 My boys really like Halloween....Pirates and Ninjas are 2 favorites....hey...doesn't everyone like to dress up!!  Yes, I know...Halloween isn't for another 5 weeks or so but why not!!!  and Jack Sparrow...he was REAL!
boys with Capn Jack Sparrow

They also like to be Ninjas too

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jacob's Eagle Project

For Jake's project, he did a clean up of our Stake Church camp( Camp Zarahemla) in Liberty, Utah.  It's a big beautiful area but had lots of overgrowth.  He had over 30 people come help cut trees, rake up branches, haul logs away, was a great project! 

Mark running the "brush eating machine"
Grandma and Grandpa Williams came to help too!
the log splitter was pretty cool!

and of course a geat lunch with polish dogs!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

SuMMer FuNNN!!!!

on the way to Silver Lake
Newport Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

catching the waves at Huntington

Mark & Jacob -Lake Powell area
Manti Pageant

Whitney did Macee's hair

Whitney "red"
Whitney "dark"
4th of July

Old Idaho Pen


What a FUN summer!!!!

Happy 17th birthday Jacob!!

the best thing for a 17 year old is $$$$ right!
                                      Mark did get him a pretty sweet tie though

                          I had to order these Tabi boots all the way from Japan!  He loves them!
He gets a lot of comments at school about them!

Happy 7th Birthday Macee!!

Macee got a new bike for her birthday.  She wanted to go to Lagoon-a-beach, so I took her for a while. Later we had a family party at Fat Cats...we ate pizza and breadstix at the Pizza Factory then we went bowling and did bumper cars.  Fun times!