Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kids were bored waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready so Scotty & Macee started making Pilgrim & Indian head pieces.

Then Jacob & Whitney made some too

all the kids giving their best Indian faces.

Scotty HAD to have the turkey leg

Delicious pies..mmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Scotty!!!

Scotty was so excited Saturday morning...we had to have his cake for breakfast! He loves his Tommy 20 dart gun!

Happy Birthday Scotty! 9 years old!

Good thing he got a sled! It snowed all day!!

Scotty at the park sledding

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween was GREAT fun this year. We had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy before dark. Then it did get a bit chilly but it could have been snow is good :)

Rachel trying to be "Jeffre Star" (google him I guess...he's a freak!) Mostly I just thought she looked cute with PiNk hair!

Jake on the porch goofing off with the candles


Mark with Scotty & Macee

Jacob as a Pirate (of course!)

Macee & Scotty having fun with masks

Whitney run off with her friends before I could take a pic of her! She was kinda dressed as a "punk" almost fits in with a bunch of hooligans wreaking havoc on the neighborhood!

Pumpkin Walk!

Last week we decided to venture up to North Logan for the Pumpkin Walk. It is quite amazing what scenes folks can creat out of pumpkins! This year's theme was TV commercials. We saw some really awesome scenes! Whitney--"Where the Wild Things Are"(above) Rachel kickin it with cuz Gavin (below)


Cave Men!



Macee loved the McDonald's one (of course!)

Where the Wild Things Are

the gang...

Fun times at Lagoon's Frightmares!