Monday, September 3, 2012

Macee's baptism day

What a special day it was for Macee and all of us in attendance at her baptism.  She is really growing up and making good choices.  What a special girl!  We love her so much!

 We had a day of sun and rain....once at the same time!  It was amazing...and then the rainbow....WOW...full rainbow!
To learn more about our church -The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- and why children can choose to be baptized at age 8 you can go to: to find out more

Great TEMPLE experiences

We had the opportunity as a family to attend the open house for Brigham City, Utah Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It is magnificent!  What a great experience to see and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Temple.

Macee & Shelby

Brigham City Temple

shuttle bus to Temple

My sister Brenda and her family were sealed in the Denver Temple in July, what an extraordinary day!

Brenda & Rick
Allen & Marie

cont...summer fun 2012

My mom put together a "cousins" reunion.  We all met at Aunt LuDean's in North Logan. It was a fun time.  Brenda-Rick and family were here from Colorado and J.D.-Gina family here from Ohio so perfect time for a get-together! Cousin Bruce had the kids taken care of with water games and the rest of us just loved all the food and company!!

Megan & Whitney enjoying the hammock

Macee telling me to get out of the "wet zone" or she will squirt me

Bruce's fun turtle race game..JD of the left going at it! (not winning) HA

Aunt Lu, Uncle Jerald, Mom

Allison, Carol, JD, Molly, Konie, Brenda, Eric, Brian, and Bruce (missing Karen, Steve &  Susan)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scotty's scout camp-Camp Loll

Scotty was very fortunate only being 11 to attend scout camp this summer.  Of course Mark had to go with him all week but he loves camping so great plan! The camp they went to is by Ashton, Idaho but actually in Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone park.  Pictures look beautiful!  They had a great time!

Mark said every piece of wood or stick Scotty found looked like a he had fun with that

Scotty and his friend Chaydon sleeping in their wilderness survival shelter

oh summer...where have you gone??

WOW...summers really do disappear, don't they?! We've done some fun things that I will try and share.

4th of JULY-- we went as a family to LAGOON.  It was really HOT but not too day!

Ray and Jake on Rattlesnake Rapids

Macee floating the lazy river
I didn't take that many pictures; seems we are at Lagoon a lot so I don't always have a camera ;)

City Creek and Temple Square-downtown SLC
Marie, Macee, Allen, and Scotty-City Creek

Scotty posing on sky-bridge

Temple Square-pioneer statue

SLC Temple

Brenda & I with the kids

Scotty trying to hide in the "fog" at Clark Planetarium-SLC