Sunday, December 18, 2011


I love this song...Josh Groban-Thankful. 
I wish I had time to make my own slide show..maybe the mean time I borrowed someones from youtube.

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a lovely family dinner here at our home.  My parents came by for a while.

Rachel brought her soy egg nog...eeww

We then ventured to Idaho for a thanksgiving dinner with Mark's brothers and their families. Guess I didn't take any pictures!  I think the camera got left on the counter!
JD and his family came to visit from Ohio for a bit.  Can you believe they drove to Utah?! with 5 kids too!  Brave folks!

Christine, Macee, Katie (behind book), and Camille

JD and Mark talking iphones

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Scotty!!

Scotty turned 11 this year!  He's growing up so fast...soon we will have to call him "Scott"! haha

Mark took Scotty and a few of his friends to Boondocks fun center for bowling, arcade, bounce house, and lazer tag!  They had a blast!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

fun before the snow!

Glad we went to the park a few times before this November snow!

creepy tree at Hooper park
first snow of the season!  November 5th

Macee with friends

Halloween and such

pumpkin goo

We went to a fun "Pumpkin Walk" in Syracuse-the town to the south of us.  They must have had 1000 carved pumpkins!  Quite a sight to see!  Macee especially liked the "Jessie" one since that is what she dressed as for Halloween this year.

gotta love Justin!
this was a really great display of military and patriotic pumpkins.  Amazing!

Scotty stealing all my hot chocolate

Macee was "Belle" for a Halloween party the day before

Jessie!  her favorite!

Jacob the "Ninja"
Whitney was kinda sick for Halloween but she wanted this mask.  creepy, huh

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We decided to get adventurous the other night.  We took the Frontrunner train to SLC (we've done that before) but then we wanted to take the trax train to Gardner Village which is at 7800S. so we got on trax and took it as far as Murray then switched trax and got on the new line headed west.  It was great fun and quite an experience.(not nearly like New York's subways but still fun!)  It's nice to not worry about parking!  Then we headed back to downtown SLC.  We went to the LDS Church Museum and then to the Gateway to  Clark Planetarium for a  quick look around.  We spent too much time there to catch the 9pm train back to Roy so we went on the 10pm one.  It was a late night but luckily the kids were out of school on fall break.
check out these links to places we visited!

Scotty & Macee at Gardner Village
Whitney, Macee, & Scotty

 Church's really a neat place...  they have all these interactive areas and things for children and teens to do.  I even put a skirt on and twirled.
It's called-- A Book of Mormon Fiesta:-A Latin American Celebration

Clark Planitarium!

the "fountain" at the Gateway

Scotty's Rocket Derby and Arrow of Light!

Scotty has been working hard in Cub Scouts.  He earned a lot of the badges (pins) for Webelos and has now earned an Arrow Light.  He had fun and enjoyed learning new things. He will be 11 soon and will move in to Boy Scouts!

Scotty 1st place Rocket Derby
Scotty's, Mark's, and and old one of Scotty's

the boys from the cub scout troop tied a quilt for a humanitarian project!  Wow..9 and 10 year old boys tying a quilt!

Fun Fall Activities!!!

Snowbasin trail
Rachel and her friend Kade

Macee got her face painted at Gardner Village
Pumpkinaze Corn maze and slides
Mark & Macee in the corn maze
Jacob & Scotty hiding in the corn
Scotty at Frightmares-Lagoon