Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures from Payette

Here's a few more pix from our trip to Payette.



Jacob was busy inside playing the "Sega"....an ancient video game that the kids are addicted too :)

Mark & Molly

Molly & Macee

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rachel & Stephanie

Rachel's good friend Stephanie was in Boise visiting friends so we went to visit them. We were next door neighbors when we lived in Payette. Now they live in Cali so we don't see them as much. We had a great time visiting with Stephanie and Cathy!! They have been best friends since they were 3 years old! WOW...now they are all grown up!

Ray & Steph Disney World -April 2001!

Ray & Steph April 2009!


We spent the Easter weekend with Mark's family in Payette. Saturday morning we went with Maurny to the egg hunt at the Fruitland HS. Macee was not into it all all! She cried and wouldn't even go get eggs. Zander had a great time! Whitney and Scotty were on the other side with Grace, and Maurny said they ran so fast she couldn't even get pictures!

Rachel was spending some time with her friend Judson who is leaving on a mission to Russia soon. She went to his church in Middleton Sunday morning so she isn't in the picture with the kids. She got sick that day anyway and wasn't feeling like pictures.