Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rachel's FOOT Surgery

Friday at 6AM Rachel went in for foot surgery. She now has 3 screws in her ankle and a sore hip from where they had to get some extra bone in forming her an arch on her foot. She did really well and is home recovering and sleeping, resting, etc. She had "official" crutch training at the hospital and she's getting pretty good. She will have to use them for 8 weeks. She isn't suppose to put any weight on her new foot for 8 weeks. We will go to the doc in a few weeks to check how it is healing. She will probably have surgery on the left foot later this fall. Thanks for all your prayers. She is doing well.

Rachel--Ogden Regional Hospital June 6, 2008


Lotus Hair Spa said...

Hey Ray! Looks like tons of fun for you this summer! Stinks to be laid up trust me I know! Well we hope you get healthy soon!Lots and lots of love
April and Mitch

jenica said...

how can she look so good right after surgery? hope it all heals quickly!